The Inflovable Machine

Monica Rikić

The Inflovable Machine is a playful interactive installation for all audiences, where you can experiment collectively different stages of love and share their experience. The machine would be like a brain in those different moments, when interacting, you will be the input we get in to our minds and the inflatables represent in a physical way how we process those inputs.

The interactive artwork is based in the concept of love, and it represents its three different stages, based on Helen Fisher’s research: lust, romantic love and attachment. This concept is represented by the sound output and by the interaction with the machine.

Collaborative music machine created from large tubular balloons that inflate and deflate through the interaction of the public, generating different sounds like a pipe organ. The public interacts with the machine by blowing through 8 big colorful tubes that control the intensity of the fans contained in each balloon, creating inflating and deflating effects and producing different sounds and collective musical compositions at the same time.

This installation was specially commissioned by Sensorium Festival and Silbersalz Festival.