Sensorium Club Night: Music For Your Plants (EST) / w y m e / Detlef Dakar / Inso

Friday 5 May 2018

Fuga - Space for missing culture, Bratislava

"Visualizing reverse-imperialism is therapeutic for a generation of dreamers. Having inherited a melting globe, the intelligent designer considers the anti-history of human beings. Through simultaneously envisioning an edenic past with potential utopian futures, the dreamer embarks on a mission: to colonize the original imaginative germ into fallow soil in order to avoid disaster." - Tiny Mix Tapes

We are happy to announce that apart from fractured electronic landscapes by Lanark Artefax and Tomáš Prištiak we are having the stunning Estonian digital flora explorer Music For Your Plants playing Sensorium Club Night in FUGA on 5th of May! By bridging the sonic representation of the natural world and its pixelated conceptualization, MFYP opens a green data chamber into the future of electronic music. Bring your own monstera deliciosa! ...and download his 'PAN EP' for free via DISMagazine.

Facebook event.