Sensorium is a digital arts & culture community stimulating a thoughtful and foresightful society.

Our values are rooted in creativity, collaboration, curiosity, transparency, awareness, sustainability and humane design. 

Art lets us see beyond the obvious, known and possible. Our mission is to create a safe environment powered by imagination and change makers. We facilitate opportunities of concrete conversation, learning and making for a wild blend of artists, creatives, scientists & academia, technologists and businesses. We disseminate outcomes of these interdisciplinary collisions to the general public in the form of new communities, prototypes, exhibitions, performances & multimedia.

Each year we celebrate digital arts and culture during two festivals based in Bratislava / online / multiplace. The Sensorium Festival challenges visions of the future through a conference and exhibitions. Beyond The Sound Festival invites diverse audiences to explore new audiovisual site-specific expressions. 

We spring up new collaborations between artists internationally and co-produce artworks and publications. As an always curious community we organise speculative workshops and labs that let us share experiences and discover new realities.

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