The Glass Room, Misinformation Edition

Date: 2.6.2021 – 14.6.2021
Place: Eurovea Shopping Center, -1 floor
Co-production: Sensorium & Tactical Technology Collective
More information: [link to FB TBC]

Today we can access more information more easily than ever before. These days the information usually finds us, before we find it. And a lot of that content is created or shared by computers rather than people; for example Twitter bots, algorithms, and deep fakes.

In this exhibition we explore how social media and the web have changed the way we read information and react to it. Learn why finding “fake news” is not as easy as it sounds, and how the term “fake news” is as much a problem as the news itself. You can dive into the world of deep fakes, which are now so realistic, they are virtually impossible to detect. You can find out how social media platforms are designed to keep us hooked and how they can be used to change our minds.