DJ Diaki

Malian DJ makes crazy-fast rave music that will make you go mad! – Roskilde
A quintessential Afro rave expression. – Pitchfork
Album of the month

Diaki – Producer and DJ, king of Afro rave and originator of the distinctive genre Balani show for the first time in Slovakia! The Guardian called Balani Fou the album of the month. Pitchfork writes about “quintessential Afro rave expression.”

The Balani show is a Malian phenomenon with a history of two decades. It is characterized by an avalanche of rhythms, the frenetic tempo of a sampled balaphon (an instrument resembling a marimba), roaring drums and a dance trance. This sound of ecstatic street parties is slowly but surely beginning to emerge from the rest of the world. Diaki set fire to the floor in clubs like Berghain but also in villages on the outskirts of Bamako, and it won’t be different in FUGA on 17th of June.

The Guardian:”Diaki’s balani is full of depth, which is initially masked by an incredible pace” (…), but once a person gets on his wave, the subsequent silence after the party will never sound like before. ” It doesn’t just nod at 200bpm.