DJ Gäp

DJ Gäp is … DJ and producer from Bratislava, whose music flows in high contrasts somewhere between reggaeton, industrial, 90s R’N’B and club deconstructions. He is one of the few local producers who are gaining attenion of the international scene. He shared the stage with the likes of DJ Nigga Fox, Total Freedom, Lotic, Bonaventure, Golin and others. His music has performed on labels such as Ashida Park, JEROME, SIRENS and Mäss. His current bootlegs and edits Screw Ups & Mistakes have received great response on soundcloud as well as on NTS Radio.
Mix for NTS x AX Armani 91 Forward
Chico Sonido Mixxx Show w/DJ GÄP
DJ Gäp – Damaged Bootleg