Alexandra Cihanská Machová

Alexandra Cihanská Machová is a composer and sound artist from Sabinov (Slovakia).

Her main means of expression is sound in its various forms from acoustic instruments, field recordings, to live coding, etc. In the past she has worked with multimedia concerts. Currently she focuses intensively on sound installation and sound as a phenomenon in both physical and virtual space. She deals with themes of post-digital sentiment, emotions in technology, sound ecology and recontextualization of the relationship between man, nature and technology. She also makes music for film, theater or radio and works with moving images. She is based in Prague (Czech Republic), where in 2019 she completed a master’s program at the Center for Audiovisual Studies at FAMU. Prior to that, she studied Multimedia Composition at JAMU in Brno, and Musicology at MUNI in Brno.