Bodies of Water: Work in progress showcase of the Inspiration Forum Lab 2023/24

8.6. | 17:30 – 18:30 | presentation of IF LAB artworks at Goethe-Institut Bratislava
Free entry

Get ready to be immersed in new art projects exploring the question of how water can guide us in the search for solutions to pressing environmental problems through its ability to connect the human dimension of existence with other forms of life. IF Lab 2023/24 is an interdisciplinary programme that brings together nine artists and/or researchers with backgrounds varying from environmental geography and ocean research to machine learning. 

The Guild of Hydrosemiosis / Michał Dawid, Mirjami Lantto, Isabel Val

The Guild of Hydrosemiosis calls upon the movements and memories of water among bodily, planetary, and speculative landscapes. Founded on the ancient practice of Hydromancy, the Guild practices (dis)located sonic rituals to attune to watery traces carried across different worlds, bodies, and times.

Michał Dawid, Curator & artistic researcher (PL)
Mirjami Lantto, Cultural & environmental geographer (FI)
Isabel Val Sánchez, Artist (SP)

Disturbance & Artificial Creatures / Anthea Oestreicher, Vít Růžička, Weronika Zalewska

The multidisciplinary project serves as both witness and participant, melding the past, present, and speculative futures into a tapestry of inquiry and imagination. At its heart lies the microscopic world of phytoplankton, the tiny but mighty architects of oceanic ecosystems. By combining these present ecologies with archival footage and artificial intelligence (AI) trained models, we speculate about future ecosystems in a world of changing waters.

Anthea Oestreicher, Designer & artistic researcher (DE)
Vít Růžička, AI & machine learning researcher & artist (CZ)
Weronika Zalewska, Transmedia artist &
researcher (PL)

Amphibious Tremology /  Mae Lubetkin, Kosmas Dinh, Michal Mitro

Our project reorients the act of listening from the sonic to the vibrant by gaining contact with trembling matter of amphibious worlds. Situated within the soaked and brackish Romanian Danube Delta, our contact-accelerometer recordings and haptic experiences trace waterways in transition and more-than-human transmission. By translating and amplifying the Delta vibroscape, we attune to its granular memory and ambient force. Our planned sculptural elements echo the Delta’s charged materials while our audio compositions will form spatial links with field recorded remnants.

Kosmas Dinh, Artist (DE)
Mae Lubetkin, Ocean researcher & artist (FR/USA)
Michal Mitro, Artist & researcher (SK/CZ)