Mysterious US producer Honour will bring his celebrated debut for Berlin based label PAN. Àlááfíà was named best music of 2023 according to Pitchfork, Crackmag, Boomkat and many others. 

Àlááfíà is both ancestral homage and Afrofuturist voyage.

A sensitive hyper collage of hazy electornics, fragments of transcendental jazz, echoes of gospel and euphoric soul, cinematic trip-hop, musique concrète, scraps of hazy rap production and much more. Through personal sound archives Honour reconstructs banal moments lost in time and elevates them to the most essential fleeting moments. 

The mood is turbulent, the colors murky, the visibility almost nil. But despite the pervasive feeling of anxious mourning, occasional breaks in the clouds yield moments of almost piercingly ecstatic beauty. – Pitchfork