Ondrej Zajac

Hailing from Slovakia, Ondrej Zajac is an experimental musician pushing the boundaries of guitar. His solo and collaborative works have resonated not only in his homeland but also in the Czechia, UK, Mexico, Peru and beyond. He seamlessly blends his distinctive soundscapes into film scoresand gallery exhibitions, crafting immersive auditory experiences. At the same time, Zajac constantly reinvents himself, discarding his past works without hesitation.
Once known for its intensity and sadness his music has since evolved, becoming more approachable. His music is marked by both technical rigor and spontaneity, captivating audiences from festival in Switzerland, to a secret shows in botanical garden or a small improvised setups in Japan. Zajac doesn’t just stick to solo work; he collaborates with Banausoi (alongside Petr Vrba and Václav Šafka) and explores new sonic territory with Data Koroptev (featuring Ondřej Ježek and Václav Šafka). Lately, you can see him playing in a duo with Stroon.