Isama Zing

Isama Zing is a producer commuting between Bratislava and Prague, DJ, member of the Mäss collective and the SHAPE platform. The compositions on Blurry AF‘s debut album surprise with the diversity of creative approaches. There are recontextualized traditional Roma ballads “halgato”, pop vocal compositions with noise production, drones and euphoric synthesizers. Everything is held together by a distinctive and unmistakable sound design. The novelty shows a distinct dividing line in Isama Zing’s work. At first he focused primarily on instrumental and club music, on Blurry AF he works with cultural and genre intermingling, while vocal parts have become an important part of his arsenal. On this album he presents a rich sound register that can only be created in a magical moment of collaboration. Prominent personalities from the Czechoslovak scene such as Oliver Torr, Aid Kid, DJ Gäp, Táňa Pauhofová, Johana Belišová and others collaborated on the album. At Sensorium he will perform a DJ set that will cross continents and combine different approaches to the current global club sound.