Jessica Ekomane: QO2

What: deep listening session / concert
Where: live at Lom Space / Online at
Time and date:
25. 6. 2021 – 19:30 @ LOM
28. 6. 2021 – 21:00 Online
Entry: Free / Donation

The performance consists of two pieces. The first is a rearranged version of “Solid of Revolution”, from the album “Multivocal” published in 2019 on Important Records.

The second piece, “Music Enriched by Traditions from the Depth of Time”, is the result of a commission by Maerzmusik for their last Halim el-Dabh program in collaboration with Savvy Contemporary in Berlin. It takes its title from a 1964 New York Times article by Halim in which he describes the vernacular musical language of street musicians in Ethiopia, his work with this same group using 20th century techniques and his intention in placing them as teachers in the university institution. The aforementioned project also demonstrates Halim’s interest in creating a bridge between arabic and sub-saharan African worlds. Taking the scale of the Baka people in Cameroon as well as elements of algorithmic composition as a starting point, “Music Enriched by Traditions from the Depth of Time” is a study on both randomness and tuning. The piece hints at a fusion of rhythm and melody, all the while echoing Halim’s research “towards an African pianism”.