Dorota Brázdovičová: Stories of the Inflamed Head

What: online concert / A/V performance
Where: Typogaráž
Time and date: 26.6. – 20:30
Entry: Free / Donation

In her performance and video installation Stories of the Inflamed Head, Dorota Brázdovičová focuses on the impact of information overload in post-digital society and its influence on mental and physical health. The phenomenon of the inflamed head indicates a condition of distracted thinking, inner fragmentation, incapacity to concentrate, moving jerkily from one activity to another. Procrastination, unceasing online activity, senseless mental work. She compares absorption of information content to being overstuffed with food. The digestive process here functions as an analogy to the digestion of information: essential in both cases is quality of selection and the time required for processing. Charmingly simple songwriting – in a manner of ‘sonic diary sketches’, relying at certain points solely on vocal performance and paired with ingenious use of Instagram green-screen filters, blurs the line between digital and physical space.